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The Fischer-Harbage Agency, Inc. was founded in January 2007 and specializes in fiction, memoir, narrative nonfiction and current events. The agency has represented dozens of award-winning and bestselling books, including two #1 New York Times hardcover and ebook bestsellers and 6 New York Times bestsellers last year alone. The agency is extremely selective, representing a limited number of authors so that each receives exceptional service and attention. The agency often partners with top speaking agents and major book-to-film agents to best serve its clients. Foreign rights are handled by The Marsh Agency in London.


The Fischer-Harbage Agency’s first priority is to represent its clients’ interests so that their work will reach the largest number of readers possible. After all, art and ideas have the power to affect positive change—perhaps they are all that ever have. The Agency minimizes its consumption of utilities and supplies. It reuses all materials until they must be recycled. In addition to representing several authors whose projects contribute to social and environmental justice, each year the agency uses 15% of its profits to fight inequality and to bolster ecological initiatives locally and abroad. Recent gift recipients include All Saints Church Park Slope, Greenpeace, Hazelden Foundation, Human Rights Campaign and The No Impact Project.

Client Services

You’ve had an idea for a long time. You’ve been writing for months—years, perhaps—and now you are ready to put your work out into the world. Because publishing a book is like launching a business and requires a thoughtful plan, we create an individual approach in order to best serve your needs.

We understand how much of yourself you have invested in your book so we leverage every asset imaginable to grow your career. We help develop book concepts, edit proposals and manuscripts for submission, market the work to publishers, negotiate rights in the U.S. and abroad, license subsidiary rights, facilitate publicity and marketing efforts, monitor royalty statements and track all funds derived from your work, and help you make the best decision about what subsequent project or projects to develop next. We work closely with top collaborating writers, freelance publicists, freelance marketing experts, foreign agents, lecture agents, consumer product manufacturers, film and television agents and producers when appropriate. In short, we work tirelessly, creatively, and enthusiastically to ensure that your work is embraced by the largest audience possible. So what are you waiting for?

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